AUTROITALIA - Fire and Security  

Our services...

Detection equipment design
Following the regulations that require the various shipping registers (RINa, ABS, MCA, LLOYD, BV, DNV), we are able to produce the documentation required for implementation of fire detection equipment, supplying the products with certificates installed and wiring diagrams.

Supply facilities
Following the needs of the end customer, we are able to provide equipment to meet those demands and comply with the various shipping registers.

With our experience in the field and with the subsequent training, our technicians will be able to start plants following the demands of the customer.

Technical courses for maintenance staff
Through our training and experience we are able to instruct staff to perform maintenance on our production facilities.

Supply spare parts
Anytime we are able to address the replacement / provision of equipment in order to resolve any faults or extensions of our plants.

Technical equipment for rehabilitation, resolutions problems
Thanks to our experience and training and Consolidated collaboration with AUTRONICA Fire and Security, we are able to speak on any Autronica plant with the aim to resolve problems as soon as possible

Customization sensors
Using our expertise we can provide custom sensors to meet the needs of the customer.