AUTROITALIA - Fire and Security  
Getting the full picture

Fire Alarm Systems in large installations present unique challenges and communication must be carefully coordinated in an emergency situation. An overall monitoring and control is achieved by using one of Autronica’s presentation systems.
AutroMaster 5000 is a presentation system for the onshore and maritime market.
AutroMaster 5000 is a complete presentation system for control and monitoring of alarmed areas, and forms an integrated part of the fire detection system. A simple graphical user interface provides unprecedented control and monitoring of every point and on all detection loops. The system offers advanced functionality for many different applications. It is expansible, and is easily upgraded using built-in tools. AutroMaster 5000 provides a custom-tailored and fully dynamic colour graphic presentation of the premises. In the event of an alarm, the precise alarm location will be identified immediately and clearly. At a central point, fire and security personnel can easily follow the development of a fire by observing the colour changes on screen. In this way, they will always know precisely what is going on – and where, and the required actions can be taken. AutroMaster 5000 has a built-in report generator, providing cost-efficient documentation and maintenance logs.

AutroMaster 5000 allows users to easily disable and enable detectors, detector groups and analogue loop units, control programmable logical controllers (PLC), and operate emergency light systems.